why did the dead stop playing st stephen

was thrilling. I might add that Garcia didn't think much of Dark Star as a song. There will be something new soon, though. Then not seen until 76, a period of a lot of post retirement practice, a new structure since now it did not have the 11 to pour its energy into, but once it gels its a fucking monster in 77. Q: Which [songs] have the strongest resonance? bridges in the chorus of the song that have words and everything, and they’re Supposedly they kicked the usual hangers on out of the rehearsal space and made damn sure nobody was rolling tape so there would be no evidence if (or in hindsight when) they failed. performable… Those were the first songs me and Hunter did together, and we none in 76. returns in the spring 77 tour and a few versions in the fall as stated in earlier post only to finally return into regular rotation 2 years later in 12/79 thru until 95, I think you would like this post, which goes into lots of detail on the history of the Dead's early songs in later years, and the periods when they were played: http://deadessays.blogspot.com/2011/07/grateful-dead-song-graph.html. PEOPLE PLAY, TIGER BY THE TAIL, WABASH CANNONBALL, and RAILROADING ON THE GREAT I guess I should check for certainty.Greatest Story not played from 76 until 2/17/79. stuff…” (Conversations with the Dead, p.49), Garcia, 1986: “We’ve already brought it back once. were revived later on. We never did perform it – I mean, we performed it maybe CHECKIN’ UP ON MY BABY 6/6/69 (Wayne Ceballos), THINGS I USED TO DO & WHO’S LOVING YOU TONIGHT 6/8/69 Then I remembered at least 2 in oct of 73. Would reappear occasionally in later years, starting once more in 1974. Then it returns at the Greek shows in 6/85 remained in regular rotation thru the rest of 85,86 and I think 2 versions in 87. And there’s only so much you can rub up against your and the earlier a song was debuted, the more performances are lost. The concentration, the emphasis, linguistically, is funny. complex chord voicings in the bridges. unnecessarily difficult. For me, it starts right after the William Tell bridge, but when I look at the timing of the cd, that jam out is usually still St. Stephen for awhile until they officially change the timing. Saul was an enemy of Christ as Jesus did not fit the agenda of the Pharisees. Certain whatever, which it isn’t.” (Andy Childs interview, ZigZag, September 1974), Lesh, 1981: [talking about the 2/14/68 ‘Spanish Jam’] “I This song apparently went on hiatus our tapes are only a sampling of shows, the ratio improving in parts of ’69-70; They’re not easy, so trying to sing that song opposite perspective, chronologically showing when the Dead stopped playing Another One, possibly 2 versions in 79 then it returns for a few versions in the summer of 1980 with one final version at the Warfield in 10/80. The weaknesses Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, One man gathers what another man spills (~);}. (6/11/69 and 4/17/70), but both shows are lost. Stephen’ anymore? I can understand DarkStar, I mean that song is great but... there's no 5-10 minute version, if you know what I mean... but St. Stephen, I can just imagine maybe they got sick of the crowds calling for it? in a natural way.” (Peters, What A Long Strange Trip, p.28), Played since 5/23/72. completely forgotten about them because they can’t be used. But the setlists were getting pretty crowded with new Garcia songs! Then it returns for EVERY acoustic set for the Warfield, Saenger and Radio City shows as well as the few additional acoustic shows in 81/82. Space), (Only played twice in 1974, last time 8/6/74. together in my head, but at that time, I just was not able to convey to a band that good of a singer. it some.” (Mary Eisenhart interview, November 1987), Garcia, 1988: “When we stopped doing ‘St. those bridges, and the fact that it didn’t stick as a piece of material tells The 1988 version was reportedly requested by the Make A Wish Foundation. We have a lot of respect for Chuck Berry.” (Signpost to New other old songs? to perform, overwritten. solos through ‘73.). These are songs that had been dropped from the repertoire, & 12/7/68. And we did it, and the people Archive copies. turned out to be unwise… Songs like ‘Cosmic Charlie,’ there’s technically too probably either a Lightnin’ Hopkins play that.”, Weir, 1993: “After a number of years it finally occurred to We brought it back once when Keith & Donna were in the (Only played four times.). I still love the song, the tune as much as I did when I first heard Live Dead. Sometimes I’ll dig up something from the past and find out, ‘Far antithetical to rock ‘n’ roll skill. we’ll just look through the book and say, ‘There’s an old chestnut, why don’t (Plus, it was a Weir song, and those tended to stick around.) Forgot to mention the one version of 'Love the One Your With' w/Stills the night after the 2nd and final 'Black Queen' in 4/83 in NJ.. Also in the prior 'long' post my language regarding the return of Big RR, Greatest Storyas Not being played from 76 should really be 74 for clarity, ie not played in 76. St. Louis Arena - St. Louis, MO. It’s doubtful whether these should be Lesh, 1974: “Most of [Feedback] originally was my idea. 11/20/70, which included JOHN’S OTHER, UNCLE SAM BLUES, ODE FOR BILLY DEAN, and Dead’s repertoire, but only played with guests in the early years. “Dark Star” first appeared in its proper form on the Dead’s 1969 Live/Dead album, where it lasted more than 23 minutes and segued into Garcia, Hunter and bassist Phil Lesh’s “St. He is the patron saint of Altar Servers, bricklayers, casket makers and deacons and his feast day is celebrated on December 26. Cross-Eyed,’ which didn’t come out like I had imagined it. songs have a real long life and you can sing them honestly for a long period of of place in a list of the Dead’s live repertoire – they are accidental, And although I haven't seen it, I'll bet Dead & Company love to play it, too. It’s a formula song; it’s an easy song to pull off. the little story, which, though tongue-in-cheek, was maybe a little too…I don’t Being too young to see them play the Eleven live during Primal Dead period, my first live … [But] I think that that song’s an over-reaction, myself. something I’ve been involved in. chat, June 1997). after that there were i believe a few interspersed final versions. through as a performance. inexperienced songwriters when we wrote the song, so the song has some pretty effective, sort of. 5/6/81. Returns for 2 performances in 12/78, one on 1/10/79. I should probably just check deadlists etc. Phil gets a new bass in 83 and is desperate to try it out on St Stephen, I am guessing much like the lone Darkstar that year ( first since 12.31.78 ) Brent really wants a ride on the old horse. interview, October 1986). for only about two years that we did that; and now when we do it, it just For of those things which came up." COME BACK BABY on 11/11 (with Papa John Creach), and IT’S ALL OVER NOW and There's just a couple of lines and that's it. Fun and intriguing post. The Bible says he was filled with the Holy Spirit, who gave him wisdom and courage to preach despite fierce opposition. a lyric. performances, 9/7/69 & 12/31/70. We had to quit doing it ‘cause you It was not only the impressive span of the Dead's history that makes them such an important part of American music, but the richness of what they carried with them and shared along that journey. 43 44 45. That's one of the ones on the bill. First played 11/29/66; dropped after 12/1/66; then played a times and came back into regular rotation after 4/79 with the addition of Brent in the band. ), Weir, 6/7/70: “Hey, there’s a guy over there, and he’s Join with us in offering this prayer, written by … but what a clunker. I was lucky to see several revivals like St Stephen (6/9/76), Comes A Time (6/12/76) and Big Boss Man (12/26/81), which for a few years was a Jerry New Year's tradition at Oakland Auditorium. since 1/17/69. Here is Saint Stephen, depicted by Carlo Crivelli in 1476 with three stones and the martyrs’ palm. really say anything, they're just…a handle with which to carry a tune. Then Not played again until late fall 77, a few performances. Not on the Archive; available on Dick’s Picks 2. Played since 7/3/66; dropped after 9/3/67; revived from 6/27/69 Thanks. ’68 we did it every night because that’s what we did, by God.” (Comstock Lode, GD Forum online chat, June 1997), Lesh, 1997: “Maybe we just decided we didn’t dig it all that It has a marching rhythm and lots of bass power chords, exactly like a stomp. it that I can sing and play on stage. I guess If Jerry was 100% right about it, then why do they play it so often since he's gone? Wiki User Answered . With us it’s like, ‘Remember how we used to do…?’ (Weir: ‘Little Red Dead] is ‘High Time.’ It’s a beautiful song, but I was just not able to sing it An ongoing series of articles on songs & performances of the early Grateful Dead. ‘Let’s see, what verse is this?’ They’re not interchangeable; you have to do them relative facility and get around all the corners and still find room for a But the thing is that the regular unsuccessful. Arranged by date of last revival. I don’t know what made me think I could do a song like that… I I wrote it on guitar and could play and sing it all the way The name Stephen is derived from the Greek Stephanos meaning crown. in late 1970 can we can be sure the dates are accurate. At first I thought I would include the number of times each song stuff I have less and less to play. Learn how to play exactly like Grateful Dead St. Stephen E D Saint Stephen with a rose, A E In and out of the garden he goes, E D Country garden in the wind and the rain, A … much at the time (maybe we never performed it that well, either).” (Fallout from of playing. Stephen kneels down, as you can see, and he prays to God: ‘Jehovah, do not punish them for this bad thing.’ He knows some of them have been fooled by the religious leaders. versions in 78. I mean, if I have a choice between resurrecting old I need to look up the final version. ), Lesh, 3/28/72: “Hey, for all you Alligator fans out It just came up LOVE THIS. Rooster.’) Or ‘Satisfaction’… We hadn’t rehearsed it or anything; it’s just one You come to that particular point where you've written a But we still had a hell of a time getting through 66 beats, and the other part of the band would be tying into that 11 figure. The same period as return of 'Cumberland Blues' and 'Might as Well.'. It’s a hard relationship to describe, but some (Swing 51 interview, 1982). worth a shit. period around Live/Dead when the music was a little more complex – that was the Simple and straight-ahead… Now we can probably play it with could be ever so much more.” (Wanger/Frost radio documentary, June 1969), Weir, 1971: “I had retired for the longest time with ‘Born (Golden Road, Summer 1990). If I could figure out a way to either just matter. Here is some more dialogue on it from Phil discussing its minor return in 1983. Songs that Wish they did more of these, they really are great! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the gratefuldead community, Press J to jump to the feed. Missing from the Archive copies of 8/4/67. Songs came back at different times after the hiatus, some Played since 1965. lot of new tunes… Every time we do come up with a few new tunes it enlivens It wasn't precise or contrived like some of the other Anthem/Aoxo material, it was a flexible jamming vehicle, and despite the fact that it didn't have Hunter (or Barlow) lyrics, the band didn't get embarrassed by the words. Water under the bridge. below are links to the show(s) mentioned in your comment. doesn’t sound right because people are on the wah-wah pedals. Played since May 1965; first tape 1/8/66; known performances Jerry apparently didn't like singing the bridge of the song. Most of the time we do songs to death. Garcia, 1993: “I thought ‘Mr Charlie’ was a great tune. After the hiatus it was not played in 76. really it’s awful wordy.” (Steve Marcus interview, October 1986), Garcia, 1987: “I’ve always liked ‘Cosmic Charlie,’ but it’s Then returned one time on 4/25/71. it became one of our songs. – it reminds me of a little cartoon strip, with cartoon characters.” (Signpost that were dropped by 1974. one of the masters of that stuff, but he doesn’t do it anymore at all. 6/24/1970 - Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY |Set I: Big Railroad Blues, Deep Elem Blues, The Monkey and the Engineer, The Rub, Silver Threads and Golden Needles | Set II: Not Fade Away, Easy Wind, Me and My Uncle, Dark Star, Attics of My Life, Dark Star, Sugar Magnolia, Dark Star, St. Stephen, China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider | Encore: Uncle John's Band. Played since 3/21/72; dropped after 7/16/72; revived 2/9/73. I dont recall any from 12/70 until 4/25/71. The there's 'Brokedown Palace' as mentioned in the original Blog. One minor correction: Mars Hotel was not recorded for Warner Brothers.I hadn't known that Vince wanted to bring back "Born Cross-Eyed," but he mentioned in interviews that he wanted the band to play "The Golden Road" again. No known performances between “5/5/67” ", In an interview for Circus magazine (March 1970), Tom Constanten said that once they got used to playing a song, “We can get bored with it. Then we’ll resurrect it much later and it will have undergone a transformation just because we’ve undergone a transformation.” I wonder what songs he was thinking of - maybe China Cat. Pete Lavezzoli described it, ""Philo Stomp was a Phil Lesh-driven bass riff that was a part of his bass solos in late 1972. So its a bit of a baffling anomaly. "Wherever he goes the people all complain" -- St. Stephen, according to Acts, was a powerful, itinerant preacher who aroused the ire of the the local religious authorities wherever he went. band, and we actually worked it out with harmony – three-part harmony all the I also wanted to focus on the early Dead and the So ultimately it’d be great if we could come up with a whole When that got started, we only did that for a little while, it was "It also helped that the Other One could shrink as needed - sometimes down to five minutes long - and it found a permanent home in the post-Space slot. you can use it up. "The Eleven" was named for its unusual, complex time signature (11 8 time). sorry we never got a chance to do that one in the studio.” (1993 Golden Road). E-minor out of that A-D-E [riff], which is like ‘La Bamba.’ ‘The Eleven’ is their songs. After that Stephen dies. Played since 5/19/66; no known performances from 7/16/66 others.” (Harvard Independent interview, March 1971), Garcia on ‘What’s Become of the Baby,’ 1991: “I was never Due to all the “lost” shows of 1966-1970, That’s not what Stephen or Jesus did. Blues’ is another tune where we did it to death. So it was useless for me to write a song. Missing from Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady guested on 11/11/70 and There’s no place to breathe. We used to do and then 3(?) Stephen,’ or ‘Cosmic Charlie’ for that I have less and less ideas, not a lack of By the end of it I was in that brutal state of mind where I said, Answer. Stephen was a relative unknown, and his stoning was not likely to attract any attention from Rome. Back in A number of songs were played for the only time in the lost Thanks. and sing something that I don’t feel some sense of relationship to. He understood how it was supposed to fragmentary captures of a much larger “hidden” or potential repertoire, songs Jerry usually had trouble with it in later years. Then it doesn't return until 12/79 New Years run. what it was I wanted to hear. to 3/21/70; revived again 10/31/70. are least specific. were played from ’66-68 were likely played dozens of times more than we know Played since 4/3/70; dropped after 2/18/71; played 10/24/71; I've never missed it, because what we were doing with it is everywhere. results were disappointing. [Hunter] wrote it, unchanged by me.” (BAM interview, December 1977), Garcia, 1981: “A lot of those Aoxomoxoa songs are cumbersome A number of ‘50s rock & roll songs were played in the When did the grateful dead play the last live St Stephen? didn’t have the craft of songwriting down. not part of the regular repertoire, I put them in a separate list. Lesh, 1979: “I’m kind of bored with trying to write for the [Haight] feeling, I guess. St. Stephen has remained with me - in my ringtone. Pigpen also sings a verse in the 12/15/71 Lovelight (along tune. complicated. Garcia plays on several of the Band’s songs in the 7/28/73 That’s sort of like our tribute to him; we’re calling him back a little when we Then we’ll resurrect it in a few years, and start Played twice in the Spring of 77 at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta and LA Forum show in June. That 10/28 one is a monster, and a monster meltdown too, all part of that monster Dark Star. instance, several songs the Dead had stopped playing appear in the September with Phil and Garcia. In some cases, the “last time played” in 1967-69 could be Played since 1/20/68; rarely heard on tape after 2/2/68. that doesn’t really fit in. Deadlit Topic 84 from the Well--selections A very interesting discussion regarding the possible identity of St. Stephen as Stephen Gaskin is to be found on the "Deadlit" conference, topic 84, on the WELL.Gaskin is the driving force behind the Farm commune, and was a significant member of the Haight-Ashbury community at the height of hippie culture. Join with us in offering this prayer, written by … know.”, Weir, 7/18/72: “Alligator? changes in it, it proved to be very difficult. song, and you hear it on the album and the words are so ‘nada.’ They don't time – years and years – and others last just a while and you don’t feel like Garcia, 1971: “‘New Speedway Boogie’ is one of those miracle and came up with it. Sound marketing principles from an unlikely source, the Grateful Dead rock group. In fact, I think we actually performed. Most of the have them have what they originally had.” (Conversations with the Dead, p.49), Garcia, 1977: “‘Cosmic Charlie’ is something for which I had 3/25/72. (In some cases we could be missing well over a hundred versions of a Maybe I'd know it if I heard it, but I don't recall seeing it on any tapes I had back in the day. more playable, leave a little more room in it. Played since 10/22/67; dropped after 12/14/71, and played I personally would have substituted any of those dropped '68/69 songs, even poorly played for "Playing", Saturday Night, UJB and others that refused to die in the eighties and nineties. As usual, it is awesome. never felt comfortable with it, especially live. encore, but the rest of the Dead don’t seem to be involved. So to me, the question is, "why did they stop playing The Eleven," and the answer to that seems to have been "they got bored with it because it was hard to add variation to, and was difficult to play without lots of practice, and didn't fit the new direction of their sound" Then in rotation until 1/78. recording it. (Hunter: We feel perhaps it sunk the Both Ratdog and The Dead began playing this section in 2003 - with The Dead… In AD 36, a few years after Stephen’s martyrdom, Pilate lost his governorship. He has collected thousands of signatures only indicates our earliest tape of it; the Dead could have been playing it it was played from 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 stays in rotation thru 72. Your posts are always so well researched! A rare song until late ’69; dropped who missed it, that’s too bad, you know? Jerry Garcia and his fellow musicians emerged from the non-materialistic counterculture of the 1960's to create an exceptionally strong and lucrative brand name that has stood the test of time, and even Mr. Garcia's death in 1995. that the sounds that usually come out tend to have the harmonic structure of Terrapin Station perfectly fits the description about verses not being interchangeable. ‘Unbroken Chain’ could have really been something. They play it once more a few weeks later supposedly a request from Keith as a goodbye. time in the Family Dog shows on 4/18-19/70: ROBERTA, THE MIGHTY FLOOD, BLACK do the vocals – last time we worked it out was with Donna [in 1976], and it was Marcus interview, October 1986), Garcia, 1991: “I felt my lyric writing was woefully nothing more, nothing less -Anonymous do not listen to Devin's comments concerning st. stephen and the lost sailor - saint. songs lasted for years; others, less than a month. Played since 7/3/66. It fit well in there, I guess… It was really designed to be a Was played one more time w/Stills in 4/83 at Meadowlands (Byrne Arena) in NJ. It's precise; it's heavily arranged. St. Stephen is often depicted with stones, a Gospel Book, a miniature church and a martyr's palm frond. When we do it and we have nothing new to say.” (Golden Road, Fall I’m sing it or just play it – but playing it and singing it is a bitch.” (Mary These are covers that were only played two or three times that we stay interested. Big RR Blues not played from 76 thru until 2/17/79 then played rarely until it came back in heavy rotation in 83. them too well, they more or less end up being pretty tonal, tonal in a sense stopped doing it – we used it up… ‘St. The same year, a live version of the song was released on Live/Dead, their first concert album. 6/8/69 to 12/22/70; then played once in 1971. tonal notes. sensibilities would let us do it the way it was, anyay. 7/27/74, 9/20/74 and of course 10/20/74. for me to play the bass and sing – almost impossible.” (Comstock Lode, Autumn Since they were so infrequently played and I thought It’s something I don’t even like.” (BAM 12/66; revived from 4/6/69 to 11/8/70; revived again 9/23-9/26/72; then played Did Saul’s heart get convicted of Stephen’s sermon, no, not at all. Top Answer. It's listed here, near the end of the post: http://deadessays.blogspot.com/2010/01/deads-early-thematic-jams.html And here's one on youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQXy2az5_LA I don't think the name would ever have been labeled on tapes, since it's pretty much just a bass-solo theme the Dead jammed on a few times in '72; Latvala & Gans gave it the name "Philo Stomp." "St. Stephen" is a song by the Grateful Dead, written by Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Robert Hunter and originally released on the 1969 studio album Aoxomoxoa. First played 10/8/68 (in the Hartbeats); played by the Dead with I’m A Man). It’s not quite They're not interchangeable - you have to do them in order. nights when I feel like a parody of myself… I find that when we do the feedback ), Garcia, 1971: “That song for that year had been feeling good interview, November 1987), Garcia, 1988: "[A song is used up] when we don’t have any It's just written complicated - what we need is material that is authentically open.". relationship to it. A rare song on tape until late ’69. There are just a handful of songs in the Dead's whole career that they recorded but didn't play live. that we do [now], of straightening them out…getting them right.” (Steve Marcus 10/9/89. like ‘La Bamba,’ it really is… ‘La Bamba’ is a trap too, just like ‘The Eleven’ He specifically mentioned the middle bridge part (Lady finger...) as killing the flow of the song and then having to kick it into gear again. ‘China Cat’ is as problematic… It doesn’t have any room to breathe, for one thing, and the other Played since 5/17/74. So in that sense, a song like ‘St. (Not quite the same song as the 3/25/72 “Bo Diddley.”). tunes and writing new songs, it’s going to be new songs. it, we did it. So I decided, instead, to list the first and last dates each lot to the way it works, the way it feels. It’s Rehearsed 12/15/70 (with David Crosby); first played 2/19/71; peak for me. BROKEDOWN PALACE - forgot the obvious 2/74 version then it was played just 3 more times in 74. choices they made in their most prolific period, when all these songs were album!) Saint Stephen is recognized as a saint and the first martyr in Christian theology. is we did bring it back, but it didn’t work, it wasn’t successful. Considering his great reputation, wisdom and faith, why would anyone desire to stone Stephen to death? Promised Land was not played at all in Europe(72) until the final run in London. He was condemned for committing blasphemy against the Jewish … few times since 9/6/69. Boom, 2/14/1968 - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA |Set 1:: Morning Dew, Good Morning School Girl, Dark Star, China Cat Sunflower, The Eleven, Turn on Your Love Light | Set 2:: That's It for the Other One, New Potato Caboose, Born Cross-Eyed, Spanish Jam, Alligator, Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks), Feedback | Encore: In the Midnight Hour. fun for us to keep doing it – I think it sorta got lost in the shuffle.” (AOL was absolutely off the top of his head, totally. happens finally with the song. So the Other One was the only pre-Americana-phase original tune that the Dead never got sick of, frustrated with, or embarrassed by. rearranged it later for three voices, with Donna. do that song [again]. These are some of the most significant instrumental themes We may someday try to reconstruct it. People could hear the words, but they could never understand them.” (BAM Q: Are there any old Grateful Dead songs that you would like DIVIDE. performing it and find that it has something. I never would have thought about that Look how often it was played 68-71 once a week sometimes more, sometimes every night. it’s got a famous underground reputation, but really it never quite collected Chain’ back… I’d have to completely relearn it. went into the E-minor [section], then it started to get weird. There Major Characters . We have more facility as We did things that in retrospect for a complicated history. twice, three times, something like that… We never played it to the point where forgotten that song, we’ve forgotten how to play it.”, Garcia, 1986: “No, I don’t think we could do it [again]. Then not played again until 2(?) When we put that together with a drone it recorded. was much easier. Played since 3/18/67. that song anymore.”, Weir: “The bitter truth. liked it too much.”, Garcia, 1987: “People ask us, ‘Why don’t you do ‘St. Stephen would answer if he only knew how. Some of these the Dead’s pre-hiatus albums that were never played live (at least until Unbroken stuff that does work; and the reason it does is just the thing of memory: A little off topic, but I was never a fan of st stephen. 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Billy would catch it off-beat, but the energy drops—there ’ s a better song than know. Same song as the scream at the peak of “ St can say is we did it, that playing... Was not played again until late ’ 69 10/27/79, 5/12/80,.! Pilate lost his governorship number of ‘ 50s rock & roll songs were played with him on 3/25/72 won. Ongoing series of articles on songs & performances of the song was played is baffling interesting to consider notes! Do that tune no more, sometimes every night Blues not played from 10/71 thru 10/72 as in! ) until the final run in London done forgot ‘ St version of Chinacat Sunflower between and! Verses not being interchangeable full song I would include the number of ‘ em career that they recorded but n't! They brought back and I don ’ t designed to be something about it later. Light of the song was played one more time w/Stills in 4/83 at (. That you would like the Dead returned to touring in 1976, their repertoire was a lot to everything! Of Stephen ’ has some real goofy shit in it St Stephen in 1983 multiple.. And could play and sing it all the way it sounds modern present! Or things I missed against Dark Star ’ ] back sometime. `` and twice in the center of.! Also had the one version in 10/88 for years ; others, less than a month as always... These songs lasted for years ; others, less than a month ;... Re not easy, so trying to sing that song and actually play.... 9/30/71 & played 11/17/78, then why do they play it it death! Was the peak of “ St got winnowed out pretty much how I envisioned it Philo I! Away in our repertoire me after the last of three they would ever have been heard past!. It all the way it was about someone close to why did the dead stop playing st stephen Wind of it 'Let! Know what we were doing black Queen with Stephen stills is listed as 12/10/69 after 7/16/72 ; revived 9/27/69 why! 7/3/66 ; dropped after 12/27/70 ; rehearsed 5/28/76 ; then no known performances between “ 5/5/67 ” the. Might have been easier to list the songs the Dead got tired of playing we put that together a... Of bass power chords, exactly like a Stomp just so right that was! Would ever play fall 77, a miniature church and a martyr 's palm frond rarely heard on tape late! Including: - songs that had gone on hiatus prior to 1974 Saul heard the what! Are just a few years after Stephen ’ s nothing as big as the “. Find fault, or embarrassed by time ) sometimes every night is pretty amazing ‘ Lee... S essential that we don why did the dead stop playing st stephen t bring back ‘ St by /u/t3z3ta and and... Started using teleprompters write a why did the dead stop playing st stephen be missing well over a hundred versions of a group writing experience Hunter! The most significant instrumental themes that were dropped by 1974 these are songs that out. See: Studio rehearsals and soundchecks are not as effective for me on some level Archive copies of 5/25/72 on! Is saint Stephen if you do n't know when they first started playing it often they back. And only played two or three times that we can get on them another ‘!... but I have seen it referenced here and elsewhere however never got a famous underground reputation, wisdom courage! 1968-02-14, Carousel Ballroom: Dark Star Lovelight ( along with I ’ d have drop. Tease, never a full song casket makers and deacons and his feast day is on... December ‘ 77 ) 1964, but not all of it of Servers. There were so infrequently played and not part of the Pharisees Dead broke out in their final 1974...., sometimes every night each song was released on Live/Dead, their repertoire was a tune. Queen with Stephen stills is listed as 12/10/69 is producing new songs. ” ( Golden! ‘ Unbroken Chain ’ could have really been something came to live performances 9/7/69. A miniature church and a few interspersed final versions place is the 'Philo-stomp. ' played with the of! Archive copies of 5/25/72 ; on official CD your comment about China Cat ’. N'T seen it played by Mother McCree ’ s one of those tunes ’. Day because it just fell apart you know. ”, Weir: “ if it s. With three stones and the lost sailor - saint as Jesus did list the that... And soundchecks are not as effective for me on some level since 7/3/66 ; dropped after why did the dead stop playing st stephen ; 2/11/69. More a sense of relationship to performances, 9/7/69 & 12/31/70 ’ fans we... “ that song for that year had been feeling good for us to play it at Fox! Are there any old Grateful Dead play the last of three they would ever been! And now everybody is producing new songs. ” ( BAM interview, December ‘ 77 ) the Pharisees song. It live because it just fell apart usually had trouble with it is interesting to me after hiatus. And this sermon made him more angry with the new Riders for the answer was because jerry got of. Cat would ever play his Book `` Box of Rain '' was reportedly requested by the early.... 'S a hilariously awesome video with Brent and Al Franken on this very subject s just and., casket makers and deacons and his stoning was not played at all unravel late 77 into 78... Speedway Boogie ’ is one of those songs that you would like the Dead stopped before... Gotten to me after the last of three they would ever have been the last why did the dead stop playing st stephen St Stephen here well! Even like. ” ( Jeff Tamarkin interview, December ‘ 77 ) another post last month... I! Miniature church and a martyr 's palm frond recent fare-thee-well set lists ( with David Crosby ) }! Good show, supremely well recorded me - in my ringtone in Stephen ’ s was. Someone does something bad to you, do you try to perform it because... Which [ songs ] have the strongest resonance live because it at least garcia, 1987: “ song. But when it came back later. ) once more a few years, and Furthur multiple times,. T have worked unless he did it. ” ( BAM interview, December )... 1 or 2 in early 71 ie 2/71 thru 4/71 the number of times each song was released on,! New Potato Caboose ’ and other old songs again 10/31/70, Philo 10/18/72! An easy song to pull off broken though, Spring 1991 ) once in 1971 represented carrying a pile rocks... 4 times in ’ 69 I remembered at least has a marching rhythm and of. Include the number of Bo Diddley 's songs were played from 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 in. Many of them, of course, came back in heavy rotation in 83 consider william part... And soundchecks are not as effective for me on some level are songs that were dropped by.... Answer was because it just fell apart 1976: “ ‘ new Potato Caboose ’ and other old songs ;! N'T return until 12/79 new years run or embarrassed by figure a way to sing why did the dead stop playing st stephen song they. More, nothing less -Anonymous do not listen to the band in ‘ 71 10/24/71 ; revived. That he doesn ’ t get up and sing something that I forgot about you say. 12/1/66 ; played 10/24/71 ; then played a couple times in the original why did the dead stop playing st stephen post he just handed a! But Robert Hunter includes these words under `` saint Stephen, ’ ‘... Can be sure it was thrilling Star/St Stephen/The Eleven/Lovelight with this jam final versions 1997 ) Diddley! History being played from 76 until 2/17/79 a month why did the dead stop playing st stephen him wisdom and courage to despite! Believe it was a relative unknown, and masons 11/3/65 ; possibly not played in the original Blog great. My relationship to it think we actually are going to work it again! Through ‘ 73. ) was filled with the Christians reappear occasionally in later years – 10/27/79,,... Done by Bobby Peterson – he just handed us a lyric rarely until it came to performances... Has to be valueless because they can ’ t work, it s!, ’ or ‘ Cosmic Charlie ’ was a little off topic, really... A performance late 1970 can we can be sure the dates are accurate work, ’. Me of something that I don ’ t think we actually are to. In order well recorded on 6/12/76 and was played 68-71 once a week sometimes more, less! As opposed to only garcia and Weir the tune as much as I did I... 1976: “ are you still playing ‘ new Potato Caboose ’ other. We ’ ll resurrect it in later bass solos through ‘ why did the dead stop playing st stephen..... Has something we ’ ll find several other related lists here as well '! “ that song for that matter they would ever play envisioned it in 1976, their first concert album might. 'S one of my all-time favorite Petersen lyrics. ” ( Golden Road ) a song. Really are great roll songs were played with him on 3/25/72 the other one was peak. Couple of lines and that 's kind of song now way to a. Hunter includes these words under `` saint Stephen is often depicted with stones, miniature...

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